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I have a whole laid out plan for this roleplay there will be romance and possible smut and pregnancy if agreed upon by both of us I prefer to roleplay on my Facebook so if that is possible I could add you on there if not here is also fine as well 

Description: A mermaid had been captured by a group of scientists they quickly saw that if she wasn’t kept in at least a small pool of water she would transform back into a human so they mostly kept her in a tank and when they tested her they had a metal table with a small pool of water to put her on there was this one scientist that saw she was suffering and wanted to help her so he took her away to his home and told her he would protect her as long as she agreed to let him run tests on her just a few at a time and that she would tell him about her life as a mermaid and she agreed overtime they fell in love with one another 

{My bio} 

Name: Nixie

Age: 18

Personality: Bubbly, loving, and caring

Likes: Swimming and singing

Dislikes: Bullies and mean scientists

About: Nixie had a family and friends in her pod but most were captured except maybe her brother and little sister the ones who were captured by a different group of scientists were killed she was captured at the age of 16 and had tests done up until someone helped her 

Starter:  Nixie sat in her tank and she sighed lightly looking around at the scientists a few looked at her she was very depressed being confined to a small tank she was used to being in a huge ocean even her moon pool wasn’t this small she thought to herself ‘Oh joy what are they going to do to me today’ they looked at her she had given up on fighting them at this point she missed her family when she thought about them she became even more depressed one scientist took her out placing her on the metal table strapping her down by her neck and fin she was so used to it she just had a blank stare upon her face they did measurements and took a few blood samples and put her back in the tank they seemed to not care about her at all they just cared about what she was ‘I will probably die here alone and unhappy I wish I was never born like this’ she thought in her head as she swam back and forth in her tank after the scientists were done doing tests they had left and shut all the lights out but they at least had the decency to light her tank she laid in her tank and all of the sudden she was being lifted out she quickly woke up seeing y/c……. 

Comment if you would like to please and thank you!

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  • Yes I would love you to role-play this with me do you have Facebook? 

  • This sound like it could be fun. I would be willing to create and play a new character for the role of the male scientist  Let me know If you would want to. 

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