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I'm in the middle of creating a character that's a (human) female surfer and I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a romantic SL that's filled with action and adventure (think along the lines of Animal Kingdom, Point Break, and maybe a bit of Fast and Furious)?

So long as it's modern, I'm okay with realism as well as fantasy.

There are many possibilities for our characters to interact (ie they're partners in crime that use whatever money they acquire to travel beaches across the globe, or my character is a criminal that meets yours amidst her travels, or maybe your character is a criminal!) and  I'd love to discuss them with anyone that's looking for longterm, reliable roleplay.

Should you be intrigued or have any questions, please message me.


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  •  // I can just imagine Temp popping his head out to startle her at the surface. xD

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