|| Nothing personal. I've been busy offline and my attention is needed elsewhere. I'm only keeping a small circle of people as well as threads. I've been overwhelmed on this account and need less since my muse isn't exactly there the past few weeks. For those of you that know me,know my muse has been high somewhere else. No,I'd prefer to keep it private and simple so I will not be making mention as to which account(s). Either way. I need the Hiatus from this profile.
There's also a chance I'd be deleting writers since I haven't spoken to them and vice versa. Life gets busy and I'm not offended by any means but I'm not looking to expand my friends list for the sake of it. I've also been let down,since I had brought over a slew of writers to merely make an account but then abandon it to go back to the convenience that is Facebook. Which is fine. But. It's a waste of my time.

I had twenty seven threads and I keep narrowing them down. But to be honest,my heads just not in the game here. I'll pretty much be keeping up to ten threads and more less putting the others either on pause or gone entirely. Most of them,I'm just not feeling. And others I'm hell bent on replying to. The drama,the action,the violence and gore and the adrenaline. But lately I haven't had much of that. And with TWD in an uproar about a particular character dying,there's no way in hell I can hold muse for that. 

So. That being said. One of those take it or leave it type of situations. 

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  • || Thank you and I appreciate your understanding,Marly. Means a lot. You got it exactly right,there. Being evil can only go so far lol 

  • Some times ya just gotta give characters a break. I have a hard time on my character sometimes too. There's only so many ways to write "I'm evil." before you get burnt out. Enjoy on your other accounts! 

  • || Of course! Like,I'll still be here,just not as often. So far,I've only got a select few threads keeping my attention lol
    (Sophia's/Gina's,Mia,Mini,Alice,Agnes. Etc etc)

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