Hey all! Looking for a RP partner, doesn't really matter if it's short term or long term tbh. Just a fair warning, no smut but I don't mind romance. Despite me being a member here for a while I do still feel new to the place. Here are a few things about me:

You can call me Sepehr

I am a literate - advanced literate RPer.

I enjoy worldbuilding.

Depending on the character I play, my writing style will vary.

My timezone is EST.

If I'm not enjoying the RP I'll let you know, I expect you to do that same. I'm not waiting 3 days for a reply only to find out you are not interested.

Pm me if you want to RP with me. I prefer to RP on discord since I'm too scared to find out how this website works but if you're willing to be patient with me then we can also RP on here with no problem.

Here is the plot for now and a few add ons.


A man owes another man a great amount of money but cannot pay the price so he marries off his daughter.

Add ons:

There are many trigger warnings attached to this RP so please beware. These include talk of hitmen so blood, guns, violence, etc. Other sensitive topics will be included such as forced marriage and bad relationships between the spouses. However, I do hope that the two of them get along sooner or later.

The OC I plan to use is a hitman and accountant, already juggling his two lives and has no interest in getting married. He is also not interested in having a family. This would create drama and conflict :)

I also bet that a beautiful young lady would NOT be interested in marrying her father's co-worker/employee (depends on what) simply because her father owes the guy a lot of money. Clearly, her father is "selling" her off.

The RP would include- in the long run- the wife finding out about his job as a hitman one way or another, whether it's by seeing him come home covered in blood, or him setting her down and admitting it to her.

Basically an action-filled plot with unease and tension at every turn we take.


That's all I can think of at the top of my head. Again, please message me if you are interested and if we choose to RP on Discord I will link you back to my discord where we can RP there.

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    If you are still looking for someone to write with, either about this plot or something else feel free to add me on discord c:.


    I'm a 25 yo and looking for people to write with myself. I'd love to hear from you

    Lose you to love me#7417

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