Dear John,

Dear john, 

Hey... It's been a while. Years actually. I can't remember the last time I spoke to you...Actually I can but i'll spare the details. I know you’re mad about me leaving all those years ago. Without a word or a goodbye and I am sorry for that. I know a sorry through email is the shittiest way to say sorry but I’m very far away from you so. I wish we hadn’t…I wish I hadn’t left things the way they were. We had such a bad argument and it’s haunted me for years. I’m 30 now by the way. Thirteen years is a long time to regret things.

Anyway I’m writing this to say sorry and to say… I would like to see you. Your mom is the one that reached out to me first actually. Last summer randomly on facebook. She told me about your loss. Cathrine. I’m glad you too were able to pursue each other. I was too much of a basket case for you to be with and I’m happy you moved on and found her. She was a good girl and beautiful and I’m sorry for your you've lost her... I’m rambling again. Please come and see me or at least email me and let me know you’re okay. Your mother says you aren’t doing well.


Don't make me come down there. :)


BasketCase (Sarah)


(I thought this would be an interesting roleplay Idea. Writing emails back and forth between two people who have strong history in the past. Maybe a little bit of a romance! I'm looking for a writer who is literate and or semi. Please feel free ti respond as john if interested! :) )

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  • Dear Sarah,

    Man, it has been a long time. I remember the last time we spoke a little too well. It would be a lie to say I'm not still a little mad at you for leaving without saying goodbye and then having total radio silence. But I'd also be lying if I said I haven't missed you every day since you left. It's nice to hear from you after all this time. I've missed you. I'm 32 now. Thirteen years is truly a long time.

    I would like to see you as well. Even just seeing your name made my heart flutter and brought a smile to my face. It's been much too long. As for my mother, don't mind her. I'm better now. Thank you for your condolences though. It took a while to get over your leaving but Catherine was always there for me, but I'll say I never truly moved on from you. It would take a miracle for that to happen. You'd be surprised about how much you changed my life. Or maybe you wouldn't. Who knows. I'll find time to come see you soon. I promise.



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