Greetings all. I am Bill, a narcissistic individual with a dark fantasy addiction and too much free time. I am searching for one or more partners who share my weakness for dark settings or are willing to be introduced to the genre.


I possess a dark fantasy setting of my design that I favour using and ranting about.

My response length heavily depends upon the conditions I am given to perform under. I endeavour to maintain a certain amount of quality and will find a comfortable baseline that I will avoid dropping under over the course of a Rp. Despite this, I may have quality drops. I often suffer from severe exhaustion and near starvation which makes it hard for me to think. This will lead to either longer delays or shorter responses depending on the situation.

I heavily prefer long-term partners. 

I prefer to RP and chat over discord.

I am available at all times of the day as I have no life whatsoever. Feel free to message me at any time of the night and I will respond the moment I am neither asleep nor distracted.


I am happy to answer any questions one might have about myself, my creations, or any game I might be playing.

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  • Hi, Bill! It is awesome to see another individual who has an interest in dark roleplays. I am happy to take things to discord if you're interested and still looking for partners. Though my main character is a male, I do play both female and male characters. I do not have any plots but I am always willing to help come up with a plot too! If you have your own plots, that is awesome too! Let me know if you're interested and we can exchange discord users :)

  • Im hooked, i also prefer discord. you seem like the sort of person my character would be drawn too.

  • Hello hello, I've found that the more friendly/open you are OOC, the better the chance if you'll have luck on your threads IC. With that being said, I hope you find the threads you are searching for!

  • Hello and welcome to the site. Dark Fantasy is also my favored genre. Good to see some more folks on here with that taste! I hope you find some great people to write with.

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