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Hello there!

The title says it all, I'm still going through my friend's list to delete 'Ghost' friends and looking for new threads for Tsunami here.

I'm usually welcome all and any type and/or style of RP that one wishes for, though please understand that I do have a life outside of this place and will sometimes be slow with replies at times.

I'm currently looking for a couple of threads with people, I do have slots open and once those slots are filled I will be closing my threads again but for now, all are welcome to give a try to rp with a realistic dog.

If you're one of those people that don't want to rp with a realistic dog then that its fine, I understand really; but if you're one of those people that are willing to give it a shot and see how it works in the end, then I'm all up for what you have in mind :)

You're more then welcome to either comment, add or send me an inbox if you're interested in roleplaying with Tsunami!

Thank you for reading, please have a nice day / night!

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