Hello hello! As my character page suggests, I'm a pretty big fan of the Resident Evil franchise and would probably die to write the verse, but I also love crossovers, AUs and original content. That being said, even if you aren't familiar with RE, I'm pretty flexible and am more than willing to meet you where you're at. I'm more generally searching for people who are also looking to write horror, dark material and sci-fi with post-apocalyptic flavors. Zombies, mass medical disaster, light military themes. I'm not opposed to romance, but I'm not particularly looking for it.


I tend to write 3-5 paragraphs and I only reply when I'm sure I can give a solid reply, which usually pans out to a few replies a week, but I don't expect my partners to match. Write what and when you're comfortable writing.Β 


Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting some new people!Β 

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