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To state the fucking obvious, I haven't been around on any of my accounts for some time now. And frankly, I don't even know if I'm going to be able to continue RPing save for the private threads some of us have going via Skype or other services. I'm in year two of fighting for my life against an illness that really does not want to go away and working two jobs to cover the bills. That's really not doing me any favors.

I've already deleted so many accounts and I just...don't know what I'm doing yet, honestly. I don't want to retire, but by god, it's getting harder and harder to log on with what little time and energy I have left. This applies to all the characters I have here still, obviously.

I feel like this isn't something I should have to apologize for. I'm in my mid twenties now (jfc when did that happen), I'm struggling with a lot of pain, and I'm just trying to get my shit in order. It's been a turbulent two years, to say the least. I've considered a totally fresh start with all new characters. But right now, I just...don't know.

So expect me to be absent and flightly and as nervous as I've been since I moved to this site for a while longer yet. I'm trying to recover. Problem is, the universe doesn't seem to want me to.

You all rock. Thank you.

-Hunter/whatever the hell you know me as

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  • What ever happens, you'll always be welcome here. And, as far as health goes, I'll be keeping you in prayers, and take a break if that's what you need. Wishing you the best of luck, and hope to see you around!

    - Mouse!

  • Just saw this and.. Jfc honestly I see no reason to apologize. I've known you've been struggling for some time now and I never once would EVER get annoyed at your lack of replies. Real life always matters first as well as your health and personal achievements. Anyone who tries and make you feel like shit for not replying fast enough would receive a good bitch slap out of me LOL You take care of yourself and I hope that things will get better for you, because I love roleplaying with you! BUT I will always understand and reading these other comments, they do too, So you do what you need to do! -thumbs up-

  • Bruh, I got your back always. Whatever you plan on doing, I got your back.

  • I have taken time off roleplaying. on and off. Many many times.  So if you need a break. Take one.  Recharge the batteries.  

  • You know that whatever you decide, I am here and always will be. So take a break, focus on your health first, which is the most important thing above everything else, ok? Don't stress yourself over role playing. We will all be here when you return. You're in my thoughts, my dear friend. Wish you all the best.


  • || Hey man,take a break if you need to. You really don't need to delete accounts and such. A hiatus might do you good. I take them all the time. Looking forward to your triumphant return,good sir! >=D~ #YouDoYouDude
    ( I hope your health improves,my friend.Fingers crossed)

    ~Freaky Deaky

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