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Come one come all(technically just like four)! To the one that couldn't give a shit at all!

Carmilla is based on the web series of the same name with influences from the novella. Carmilla is looking for up to four threads, for now, after that, I may be selective as I will be writing slowly please be warned.

Important things to note:
-Not a hero, in fact, she's quite the anti-hero/asshole
-Tragedy and drama strikes in all ages of any caliber, Carmilla is quite a mix of both.
-I reserve the right to say she's pretty useless.
-If you ask her to do something that doesn't benefit her in any way, more than likely it will either be done out of amusement or not at all.
-Ain't no rest for the wicked, so she never sleeps.
-M+ content as violence and strong language, as well as depictions of such, are a given.

If you're still interested, throw me an invite and comment or message.

General themes: Blood, violence, uselessness, talks of the past, being dramatic.

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  • *raises hand high* 

  • Ohhh, glad to see her back :3 Hit me up if you want to write.

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