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Hello! Just stopping by with a little search for more fun threads. If anyone is interested in playing with this stubborn, on the run, Gemling, please add and we get down to chatting and plotting.

Now on the need-to-know about this Gemling, Emilia is a, depending on the rp that happens, is a escaped experiment. On the run from her 'loving' uncle and those who simply want to use her for her odd yet dangerous powers. She is vampiric in a sense needing blood to keep these cool little gizmos called Nanites functioning. She does have a few hybrid powers as well.


If ya'll want to know more or are interested just add me and don't be afriad to ask!


 p.s. I'm not good at wording these things...

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  • Most know it as the dome,  a failed secret place.

  • “What facility ? I know not of this.”

  • I haven't a clue what a ultratech is but this here is the handy work of the Polis Facility. 

  • “Hmmm. Interesting. Did Ultratech get their hands on you as well?”

  • That might be the Beastie you smell.



    Sniffs the air a bit. “Do I smell Bretheren?”

This reply was deleted.