looking for long-term rp partner :) very chill stuff ^^


I have mainly male characters and like 80% of them are straight lmao I do have 1 female character (she isnt mentioned in ocs section, dm for desc.) and like 3 nonbinary ocs. so basically i can quite literally do any pairing.


i really enjoy detail and writing, so im more on the advanced literate side. please dont message me if you write on average around 1 paragraph. i typically write 2-4 paragraphs and sometimes more. also- its not about how much you write but how well you help move the plot with me 👍

Basic Rules

- dont be an adult, im a kid :(

- lmk what ur triggers/limits are

- dont control my ocs

- most importantly, dont write like this: "Walking down the street she saw him. Looking at him she..." idfk just dont start ur sentences with -ing verbs!!!!! >:( - communication!!! its vital 💞


With the character on my page, we can do all types of genres. however i do have other ocs here's a short list of the ones i would love to use. in the paranthesis is a either a nickname or their OG name

Fern (Fernald) - 17-24, nonbinary masc. secretive loner "the weird kid" (open for all kinds of genres)

Evgeny (Viktor) - 42, married, has ASPD, really cool guy still living like a 7 yr old and having the time of his life 😎 🤘 (open for slice of life, drama, comedy)

Marc E. (Evren Martin) - 34, single :( , undecided over gender and sexual orientation, uses he/they pronouns, sweet bean hiding in a pod (open for horror, slice of life, and romance)

aaand here's one for the guy on my page i would also love to use him in a rp

Erik (Sahand) - 39, single, has PTSD and a few behavioral issues, tough guy that buries his sweet side a little too deep (open for all types of genres)


i have multiple plots for most of my ocs listed, we can also come up with our own. i prefer story-based plots


hope to see you soon!


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