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Hey folks! My name is Story and I am sure you all have seen me around quite a bit. I decided to add a new character to my posse (as if I didn't have enough OCs before) as I was quite inspired to create a *gasp* regular human sheriff taking down supernatural and regular bad guys. I was hoping to find someone who would love to try and make a plot with this character as I am up for action, adventure, angst, romance, and whatever else we can throw in. 

This can be in modern day and usually works out to be almost like those old western moves or adction/adventure/comedy flicks that you can find on TV. Feel free to comment on this post or friend me and we can plot something ro try to wing it.


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  • @Camille, She does indeed act similar to her. Wynonna was definitely a big inspiration as well as a good friend of mine. I am on mobile so idk if you will be able to see it.

  • Wynnona  Earp is a pretty fun show. Love the cast. Love that Doc Holiday as well as  Wynnona’s humor and sass. 

    Does your character act similar to her?

  • Hey. It looks like our characters might fit easily into the same storyline; if your interested let me know, I am game to begin a plot. 

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