Some rp that is a great favorite of mine, that made me want to get into rping and will forever have my heart..

Final Fantasy 7 - I have a few canons im hoping to find
Hellsing - Alucard wanted
Chrono Cross/Trigger - there are 3 canons i am interested in
Vampire Hunter D - D wanted

Mainly seeking certain canon males [ just ask who ] to pair with my oc but will consider oc x oc pairings.

If some of my plot ideas sound a bit odd to you or not entirely fitting of the canons personality or what ever then lets call it an AU setting and just have fun with it.

I do not care what your gender is oocly but ic i seek to pair Gena with males.

Romance, adult content, action, adventure, cussing, killing things, mystery, even some comic moments can and should be included in the rp so only 18 and over need apply.

I have a detailed character website with character pics, dos and dont`s, storyline ideas and character info so just ask and i`ll get you the link.

Please, no one liners. I don`t expect a novel every time but give me something i can work with.

Making friends and chatting ooc is cool, but i am married so certain ooc boundaries should be respected please.

I am also seeking someone who might be interested in helping create a story involving Vlad Tepes and vampires. Yeah, i can be weird sometimes lol. i have a couple ideas that could be built on if anyone is interested

Been rping since 2003, i miss the old days when Aol was lit and rp was everywhere. Might consider modern or medieval fantasy settings if vampires are involved.

Will rp and chat / brainstorm in pm or Discord.
~ Gena Windstarr ~


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