Hurt By Eternity

So, I'm not sure if this would work well, since I haven't found many people interested in it before, but this is a 1x1 ideaI've had for a while now.

In a world where magic is illegal and wizards, witches and the llike are executed without a second thought, my character, Blaire Zestia, is an immortal woman who can't be permanently killed and has instead been tortured with countless deaths since she was captured years ago. Though, she finally escapes, she was then cursed with eternal pain for murdering one of her captors who attempted to stop her. To others, this would mean suffering great pain that would end in a slow death. For Blaire, it's no better than staying as a prisoner in the hands of her torturers.

While trying to get as far away from people as possible, Blaire gets lost in a great forest known as the Hallows, a place rumored to be filled with horrible creatures and home to a mysterious being known as the Hallowed Man. While trying to find her way around, Blaire succumbs to the curse and dies once again. This is where you come in. Your character is the rumored Hallowed Man of the Hallows and comes across Blaire's body. After burying her and thinking nothing of it, you soon find her wandering around the next morning.


Hopefully, people are interested in this. If so, feel free to PM me. I can do threads or PM but I prefer PM for at least discussion. 

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