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Seeking new threads for my character, Dr. Black. I play two others that are also in the medical field. One is a medic and the other worked as a Veterinarian.


Looking for a character that may have medical Knowledge that could work in the clinic he owns. A nurse would be preferable but a doctor can work also.  That would be part of his doctor storyline. Outside of the Doctor storyline. 

Looking for some action, adventure, drama, possible Romance if that happens to develop in the storyline. His romantic interests are with women.

Also if someone has a human character or shifter, especially a Serpent one. That is interested in becoming his Pomme de sang, blood doll, or even sire bonded to him, by way of becoming a human or animal servant to call upon. Feel free to message me.


Modern setting is preferred but since he is so old. He can fit in Medieval times, Victorian era settings, etc. 


Aside from what I listed above. I can play him in different plot settings or even use one of my other characters for a thread. 

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  • Very interesting.  I look forward to beginning a story with you and would also be interested in what other characters you may have.  Being that he won’t die unless murdered, it can provide a unique viewpoint for her. I hope to plot. 

  • Good evening, I have a character that's a taunatologist; she's been "haunted" by death so she dedicated her life to prepare others for the afterlife. Think it would be a pretty ironic twist and quite the curious happening if she meets someone who cannot die. As far as story goes, I don't have anything outlined, so it would be open to discussion. I have other characters as well but I think she would suit best, mayhaps. Have a nice day!

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