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Looking for a few more threads. Getting back into this character. 

While comic book based and inspired. He can be adapted to a pure syfy story or fantasy supernatural setting. 


For syfy. The premise would be a secret government agency working on a project to create a new type of human. One to help them stem an alien or robot invasion. A meta/ super human that is gifted with special abilities due to an infusion of Dark Matter energy/ radiation.  A weapon to protect earth or some place with humans from hostile alien forces or machines.  A product of science and a little magic from a mystical stone relic  


For fantasy supernatural element.  The premise of his story would be that he is an artificial human. Creation of a Dark sorcery from an evil wizard that has aligned with a demon who seeks passage into the world to usher in a new era of darkness and demonic domination. The demon master would have given his wizard servant, a powerful gemstone filled with fairy, dragon, and elven blood. That was used in a ritual to create a Homunculus. An artificial human. A humanoid being with magical powers and a warrior’s mentality. That would serve as the basis of creating a Warrior Mage army to help release the demon lord from his mystical prison and bring him back to corporal form, so that he can enter the world and enslave all life. 

Can say the demon lord was inprisoned by a council of Magi. Made up of elves, dragons, fairy and homo Magi (magically gifted humans),, that inprisoned the demon lord and his kind so that their demonic reign of terror can never again, threaten the world. 



Those are just rough ideas for different genre settings.  Willing to work with ideas.  Crossover fandoms are welcome. 


Message me if you are interested in writing an action adventure story. With maybe bad boy romance on the table if the story calls for it. 


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