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A bit about me I have been roleplaying for about 12 years trying to get my writing better and it has been working but I still have a long way to go. I am easy to get along with and at this point have no life. I only play female characters I have tried male but I feel that I am not good at it. That said i like ether MxF or FutaxF now I have never tried aFxF but would be willing to give it a try if you wish.What am I looking for in a rp:I like a good story twists and turns nothing pleases me more than to get surprised. AS for my plots I will talk with you about them but I will always keep a few things up my sleeves.Commutation planning I have found the best rps are ones that we plan together I have a few plots but there are bare bones. Again it is more fun that way.Smut I love a good smut scene as much as the next person however if that is all the rp contains I will get bored I need more. That being said i am also into darker plots with lots of sex as long as it is not the focal point of the rp.Buildup for me there is nothing more infuriating that hey we just met and I love you. I want to see our characters go from friends to lovers or even enemies to lovers it's just more fun that way.ok there is one thing I am hesatent to put but feel it needs to be said I have had a good few rps dropped without a word Life happens I get it however after a month with no replies and no word I will drop the rp and stop following it so if something happens and you can't rp for a bit pm me please post on my wall let me know somehow because I am tired of getting into a story espically one that I have put a lot of work into to have it droppedlength I am not a hard person to please I will be fine with 3 or 4 lines as long as I have something to go off of this being said I like more long posts get me the more I can reply too the more I will enjoy the story I want to know not only what your character is doing but thought feeling who is your character have fun with it and let lose. If you are new to rping I get that we all need to start somewhere I can help you get better if that is what you want or just keep it going. However I CANNOT DO ONE LINERS they drive me nuts I usually ask for 2 paragraphs first is your responce tpo my post secong what happens I am not good at these request threads so if you have any questions feel free to asklast but not least please pm if you are interested in any of my plots or have plots of your ownokSo I have some plots in mind if anyone is interested please pm me please keep in mind that all of these plots have romance as a secondary plot and will contain smut.Angels and demons In a world where the supernaturals live side by side with humans there are very little rules for the sups the biggest on being that the humans never know about the. All the sups are policed by angels. (yes there are angels and demons however there is no god or the devil.) Now there is a human king that has gone crazy but somehow knows about the supernaturals and is searching for someone tearing apart the human world and supernatural one. The angels send a young female angel to deal with him, along the way she meets up with a demon that has been sent to do the same after a brief fight they decide to work together. I need someone to play a chaotic demon.The cursed knight and the princess In a land ravaged by war there a princess comes of age as such she holds a competition fir her personal knight. This can be any man commoner or noble. YC is the guy she chooses. there is a bit of backstory but because of this the princess decides to run away you as her knight runs with her on the road YC is bitten by ether a vampire or lycan and starts to change. This story as a fair bit of drama and romance between the knight and the princess but there is a lot more going on.The arranged marrage The vampires and lycans have been at war for years the vampire king proposed a peace treaty with the lycans offering one of his daughters to the prince of the lycans as a bride now the 2 sisters are as different as night the one sweet soft spoken and shy the other wild and darker than her sister the kingdom fears her and she likes it that way now the king offers the sweet daughter thinking it would be a better match however when the prince meets the darker sister she is the one he wants problem is she has sworn to never marry even so her father forces her into it so the marrage happens the question is whose will is strongerhis inheritance] A man has not talked to his grandfather for many years after a huge fight that they had about magic. The grandfather believed the man however when he goes to his grandfathers house he finds a strange note about something evil in the basement. As he goes down there he finds MC a succubus that his family has been keeping as a pet for generations. Now she is yours. What will YC do to or with MC this rp can be as dark as you want to go master slave or sweet romance.I also have a few non con ideas with some insest as wellmy brother is an incubus so this is a simplr possion story where a borther gets poissiosed by an incubus and wants his virgin sister.the cursed stockings in this story mc finds a pair of stockings. Now when she puts them on she cannot take them off and anyman that sees her has the urge to have her. Father brother dads poker friends the list goes on and on.

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