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Let's Raise Hell

Come late December, I'll be looking for a a new thread or two for this guy here.


Things to consider:

  •  Want to pick a fight? Go for it, this is the character to do it with. Kei is a violence heavy character by nature, so I'm looking for story lines that have action. Plots with fighting of sorts, danger, drama of the IC kind of course. I enjoy dark and gritty plots with some humor thrown in where its suiting. I am open to sending the starter, and prefer plotting things out vaguely so there's some direction.

  •  I use comments primarily, and can write anywhere from a few paragraphs on up to whatever you are comfortable with. Whatever you give me, you're getting similar quality back. If you struggle to write lengths similar to what is in my comment box as of current, then I would reconsider.

  • I will respond within two weeks maximum, that is my promise. If something changes that policy, I'll do my best to let you know. I average a post or two a week, sometimes a bit more when I'm not busy outside of writing.


Comment below, send an inbox message, send a message in chat if you're interested. 

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  • *sneaks in*

    it is I, the annoying ass and problematic SIRIUS CANAAN VERSAILLES

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