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Hello you lovely writers!

A while back, I went on a hiatus from this character due to some personal issues in RL that I needed to take care of as well as having to lose my muse in the process.

But now, I'm back and my muse has return, now I'm looking for some juicy stories to write with maybe 5 more people and I'm closing threads.

I already have 3 active threads going for Kanesha at the moment and looking for 5 more threads and that's it, if you wish to fill in one of those spots then don't be shy!

Thank you for reading, have a nice day and / or night! :)

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  • Tester

    Welcome back! I think... think?? We had a thread going way back when but I can't remember. Lemme know if you still need some writers. I'd be happy to.

  • *makes grabby hands*

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