Hello, I have a few roleplays in mind, there are more ideas in the works and will add them to the post with in the next two weeks.

Now for the requirements:
YOU MUST BE ACTIVE ( And not just for a day or two, long term for a reason. If you lose interest TELL ME. I will understand.)
Must be a male. Not a woman pretending to be a man. (Sorry preference.)
Must me able to reply with a paragraph+
Must me able to roleplay in third person
Must be able to use “...” and ‘..’.
DO NOT USE -..- or ..
Must be able to follow the roleplay.

A Mixed German Girl x A German Solider
M/C is a black and white mixed girl at the age of 22, she was born in Germany and frowned upon due to her race. The jews at this time are being taken to camps during the World War II. Y/C is a German Solider, Y/C is a Lt. in the German Military, and Y/C is following his father, but when he runs into M/C he has an instant attraction to her, but has to play hard ball because they both could be killed. They eventually get together while his father is out of town, but he is taken to control a camp leaving her alone there. After months they ended up taking her to a camp after burning her papers.
Its the year of 1946, World War II was in the heat, Hitler was demanding all Jews to go to camps, the German Military Raiding homes. Odella's mother is a German female, but she got with French solider 23 years ago, before all the war started. Odella is not 22 years old, and living on her, working in a factory, with the rest of the women. She was kicked out of school due to her race. She always waked with her mother to the factory every morning, it gave her a sense of safety.
It was a tuesday morning and Odella was walking beside her mother along with the rest of the women. Odella's head was down trying to not draw attention to herself. Not paying attention Y/C ran into her on his bike, knocking her over onto the ground, dropping all his books and stuff.

Dutchess and Duke(Vampire):
Its where the oldest daughter finding love is hopeless, and she finds love in the least likely spot, but with a twist. The Duke that is watching over her, they get caught up in each other, and get into some trouble, and find themselves in deep trouble when her father comes back after a 6 month trip.
Pippa is a duchess in a modern time, her father very over protective over her, and her sisters. He had to leave for a long trip, telling her that she needed to find a suiter for her or there will be a ball held when he got back. He had the Dutch of Ancherling watch over them. The only difference is the Dutch is a vampire. Her father new that, but Pippa did not. Leaving her with him would be a good Idea, he is stronger than a human so he is a good protector.
Pippa is a 24 year old woman single and she is the oldest of 3 girls, the other two girls have been married off, she is the only single sister left. So in hopes of the Duchess is finding a future husband her dad is leaving to do business in a far land.
“Father must he be the one to escort me everywhere, and stay here with me?” Pippa asked her father as they stand at the door right before he has to leave. The dutch is in the other room waiting for him to leave. She didn’t like how she had to be baby sat.
“Yes my love, you do. You do not have a husband to watch over you.” Her father responded as she crossed her arms, rolling her eyes. “Okay, I got to go, I will call you when I get to where I am going.” He said as he kissed her forehead and left out the front door, toward the navy blue Volvo S40.
She watched him leave, before closing the front door, she walked into the sitting room and poured her some tea and sat there reading a book, that she had been reading for the past few days. She was avoiding the Dutch as much as possible knowing eventually she can’t stay away from him.

Rich man and a Middle class woman:
The woman had just graduated from college, and trying to make herself stable, she is out with her friends and at a bar. She is dancing and catches the eye of a man. Eventually they grew into a relationship after a one night stand. She had just graduated law school, and was going to try to become a lawyer at a law firm, infact one of the biggests one in the city of Seattle.
Jess had just got out of graduation, and her friends and herself were headed out to a club to celebrate. Jess got into her car, her friends piling in. She wasn’t much of a drinker so, she would be the one driving tonight. After about 30 minutes of driving they parked in the parking lot of the crowded club. They all got out and walked in. Graduates got in free that night. The first thing her friends did was go to the bar and get themselves drinks. Of Course Jess followed ordering herself a coke. She sipped on her coke throughout the night as she danced with her friends. The later it got the drunker her friends got.
About 2 and half hours in she decided to sit down at their booth and relax for a little bit before they all decided to go home. A man in a suit and tie was at the bar drinking out of a glass with ice, every now and again he’d glance at her. She hadn’t really noticed till she finally sat down. Every time she’d look that way, he was glancing at her sipping his drink. She didn’t know if he was ponding on coming to talk to her, or was just checking her out. She was having a fun night and refused to get creeped out by him. He did look like he was well made and well put out there with his money. It really didn’t impress her at all. He looked familiar but she couldn’t pinpoint it that night. She got up and walked to the bar to order herself a water with ice and a coke. She was being good on no drinking. She closely watched her friends dance on the dance floor from the bar, the guy still watching her. And at this point she was starting to get creeped out.

King and Captured slave:
It is a dark age roleplay, and it’s a young woman she was taken out of her home after her parents and village was killed off. She was taken to the kingdom that was in a war with where she lived. She was hand picked by the young king to be his personal slave.
The King needs to be above 25, needs to be headstrong, stubborn, and set in his ways. (Needs to be stern and sometimes mean. Not afraid to use his strength, and not afraid to punish her)
“You need to get out of here Ava!” Ava’s mother cried out as Ava ran out toward the back room, and Guards broke down the front door. Ava ran out of the house as the other houses were on fire and crumbing to ruins. Ava looked back into the house and watched the guards kill her parents. She didn’t have time to cry over them. As she took off running in any direction to get away or try. The Village had gotten attacked during the war. The men were killed, elders were killed. The children and women were taken to the kingdom, to be used as slaves, and sex slaves.
Ava tried to get away from the men that were taking all the women. She got two houses down before she got an arrow through her shoulder. She screamed out falling to the ground. She landed on her side and looking back at the guard coming at her. She started moving back and crawling across the ground. Ava was crying out as she tried her best to get away from him. The guard reached her and grabbed her injured arm. She screamed out in pain, and the guard took the butt end of his sword and and knocked her out, putting her over his shoulder and taking her to the carriage that held the women and children.
Ava woke up two days later chained up to a cold room, she laid on the ground, the arrow out of her shoulder and wrapped up. Her clothes were ripped and dirty. She looked around the room to try to get out. She heard men talking outside, the door was locked on the outside.
“If she is not awake by now she will be killed. He might have hit her too hard.” A man’s voice came to the door. “I went through all these women and picked her out. I am a young King needed some relief when I want it.” He growled, like he was mad that she wasn’t awake yet.
Ava moved herself to the walled and sat up, her shoulder hurt her and her head did too. She brought her knees to her chest and watched the door as she heard the chains on the door come off and the locks were undone. Three men came in, one dressed in nice clothes, and two others in Knights uniform. The one dressed in nice clothes smiled as he realized she was awake. She looked up at them as she was terrified as to what was going to happen to her.

- Shapeshifter werewolf King and Human/Witch woman.
Y/C is a werewolf shifter king and being pressured into marrying a woman, so your mother and father are throwing a ball in order for you to a wife. Well, M/C comes into the ball and they are mates. Soul mates, her scent is strong and perfect to Y/C and its starting to become mating season for the shifters, and your need to be with her in every way is fighting you, as it is a forbidden thing, to be with a witch or human.
M/C Information:
Name: Janessa Reges
Age: 22
Looks: Black hair, green eyes, curvy body.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~15 Years ago.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Janessa was about 7 years old when her brother was born from her parents, they had been in hiding from the werewolves and the witches for breaking the law of half breeds. Her and her brother were Half witches and half werewolf. She had taken the part of the witches. Shortly after her brother was born, there was a huge banging on the door. Her mother had taken them into a hidden room She handed her baby brother and left them there. Janessa had no clue how long they were hidden there. In the hidden room there was plenty of food for them to survive off of, formula for her baby brother and regular food. It had looked like they had stocked up and had so much formula that she was good to take care of him for the next few months or so. They had a two twin size beds, and a crib.

About a day or two later she decided it was safe for her to go check out what had happened. She waited till her brother was asleep and crawled out of the room. She looked around the house, and the house was a mess, stuff thrown around. There was blood everywhere. She knew that she wasn't going to find her parents alive. Walking through the whole house she didn't find them. Walking to the front door there was a tree right outside, and there.. She froze staring at the two bodies hanging there. Her worst fear had come true. She was alone, not just alone... she had a baby brother to take care of at the age of 7.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Janessa was cooking dinner for her and her brother, her brother being at school and was about to be home. When she finished her cooking she went on to cleaning up the living room. She had, had it rough since her parents died, she was all her brother knew. He called her mom for the longest, till she explained to him what had happened, he was never mad at her, but he understood. She had to grow up at a very young age.

At 7 pm he had never came home, instead she had a knock on her door. She answered it to a male witch. Informing her that the bus that her brother was on, was attacked and the kids on the bus were taken by the werewolves. She almost went crazy hearing this. So she gathered some stuff and decided to try and talk to the king, and getting her brother back from him, she could afford to lose her brother too.
Janessa had heard about the ball that was being held for him to find a wife/mate. She decided she was going to try and talk to him there. Putting on something nice and hiding herself in the shadows all the way to the castle. When she got to the castle she had done a spell to mask her smell of a witch. When she got into the ball room she tried to stay out of the way of people and in a back corner. She saw the king walking around talking to people and she wasn't about to ask him in front of so many people. She had noticed that his eyes he found her, and she was frozen in her spot. Their eyes met each other. After she was unfrozen from her spot, she decided that it was best that she left this crowded room. She headed for the exit keeping her head down.

Werewolf Romance:
Your Character is an Alpha of a whole pack. (We will come up with the name of the pack in discussion). I am a half breed that was adopted by one of the other Alphas in another pack. M/C is used as a slave in the home. She is currently in college on her free time.
On this particular night you are having a gathering with other packs, M/C parents making her come hoping she would be mated to get rid of her.
Your character finds himself mated to M/C and hates it but he can't fight it.
My Character Info.
Name: Olivia Jesters
Age: 21
Species: Half Werewolf, Half Human
Look: Red Hair, Green eyes, 5’5, Average size, but curvy.

Olivia had gotten up early this morning to try and beat all the other wolves in the home so she could cook and get her chores done before heading off to classes. Cooking all the food she needs, Bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon rolls, toast, and hand squeezing oranges for orange juice.
After getting breakfast made, she had managed to clean as she went, so there wasn’t much of a mess to clean up. After finishing up most of her chore till the night before she ran up stairs to her room to get dressed. Opening her door her father the alpha was sitting at her desk that she had in a corner looking at her class work. Looking up from her desk noticing her coming in. Olivia looked at him frozen, her face ran cold thinking she had done something wrong.
“Good morning father, all my chores are done, breakfast is done. I am just about to head to class.” She told him opening her closet door to look for something to wear for the day.
“I know, but that is not what I am in here for. As you know there is a gathering at anothers Pack, and I am required to come along with all of the unmated she wolves in the pack, and hoping we could create allies among other packs.” He paused for a moment as she looked at him laying her clothes on her bed, sitting in the middle of it. “You are required to come, although I don’t want to be seen with you in my pack, but I have to.” He got up walking to her bed grabbing her face harshly. “If you dare make a fool of yourself infront of these other pack, or speak out side of not being spoken to, I will severely punish you when we get home.” he let go of her face roughly. “But lets hope you are mated to a worthless wolf, so I can get rid of you.” He turned and walked out of her room slamming the door.
Olivia wasn’t about to let her father affect her too much, she had spent the last 21 years dealing with him like this. She got changed and went off to class, knowing when she got back she was going to be head for this gathering, to maybe meeting her mate.
A little back story on her little self, she was adopted by the Alpha and Luna of Blue Sailor Moon Pack. She was dropped off at the pack doctor’s house and he brought her to the Alpha. Not realizing she had no wolf, being a half human he took her in hoping he could carry on the Gene and the pack to her and her future mate. When he found out a couple years later that she had no wolf, or it had not showed itself to her, he hated her. Thus how she became the pack house slave, and the lowest of them all.

Idea: M/C was coming home from college for good, and she had left the Mafia world for a long time and lost touch with it. Y/C Company was hiring for an assistant and she came for an interview. Y/C realizes who M/C is when she says her last name, and you woo her into Y/C bed. Not realizing that he would fall in love with her.

Janessa had just graduated college and was coming home. She had decided that she was going to return home and find a good paying job. Shortly after her graduation, she had packed up her dorm, and her father had sent out a driver to pick her and her things up. On the way home she pulled out her laptop and turned on a hotspot on her phone and started applying for a job. One came across and it was for an assistant at a good company. She threw her application in there, and closed the laptop.

When she got home she went straight for her room, to freshen up before meeting with her father. Unpacking her things and putting them in their spot, nice and neat. Taking a pair of nice sweats, and a tank top. After getting dressed, she went to her fathers office, finding her father on the phone cussing someone out. He was always going off on someone. When he saw her, he hung up the phone and got up, giving her a hug.

They talked for a few hours, their butler bringing them food. He canceled all his plans just to spend time with her. After several more hours, she retired to her bedroom. Laying in her bed she slowly fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning she checked through her emails trying to see if she had heard anything back for an interview. Nothing had come in so, she went and used the bathroom and went downstairs to fix herself something to eat. Surfing stuff on her phone while she ate. She was trying to keep her mind off the applications that she had filled out the day before.

Idea 2: Y/C is a Mafia boss, and decides to kidnap Y/C enemy daughter, she had just come home from a vacation with her friends. They ended up having sex a lot… the spark had flew with them after the kidnapping. But to complicate things she ends up pregnant with his baby, and now they have to hide not just their relationship, but her pregnancy.

Starter: This has no starter as I would think it would be best if my partner started this one out with the plan of the kidnapping and the kidnapping it self!

Idea: Y/C are from one, and M/C is from Earth, but she is a semi human, M/C is human with Gems on her head. M/C is in the military of the universe, and she was stationed on Y/C planet, and Y/C is in the military too, but Y/C are incharge of a whole section of the military, and when M/C comes in you have to train her on how you run things, and how M/C needs to do her job. After that they spark a romance during a 1 on 1 trainings, which leads to them sparking a relationship, and M/C Finds out she is pregnant and in her agreement to be deployed, she was to not end up pregnant, so it risks her going back to earth, so she keeps it hidden from everyone.

Starter: I do not have one at this moment, I will be coming up with it soon, if you are wanting to hear about this one, just let me know.

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