(Out of character) Hello! I'm 24 years old and Genderfluid. I go by Chrissy when she/her and Silas when he/him. Lesbian. Possibly Asexual.

I am looking for a roleplay partner who doesn't mind dark and triggering roleplays. Who is open to anything. Willing to plot with me.

Rules for roleplaying with me:
1. Don't control my character or characters.
2. SFW Only, although I don't mind romance and fade to black.
3. My rp partner must be 18+ years old due to me being an adult.
4. Please let me know if you aren't interested anymore.

The roleplay I want to do is about Ambrose Kinsey. Check out my page for information and backstory about him. Jasper Thompson will also play a big role in the roleplay. (I'm willing to send a face claim picture of how he looks in private message.) 

Ambrose's father might appear in the roleplay as well. I don't have a face claim for him I haven't been able to find one. Just think of an older looking Ambrose.

If interested please private message me.

I'd consider myself semi-lit but I could write more sometimes.

I'm wanting to try and write longer replies. But need practice with that.

Also if we do roleplay, I'd prefer in private message. I just feel more comfortable and won't have to censor myself.

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