I apologize at how this might be layed out here as I am brand new and not great with tech stuff. I really hope I haven't broken any rules and if this needs to be I will delete it right away. Feel free to send a message or comment I guess? 

I have a couple different scenes I'd be interested in playing though I am all for brain storming if you enjoy my characters. 

I prefer slice of life romances that add drama into it. I like more story than smut but do enjoy the latter. I'd like to find a long term roleplay that goes through the motions with dating, marriage and kids. Below I'll list a couple different scenarios that I've thought of but honestly feel free to message with any ideas. I love brainstorming, coming up with plots together and being so into a roleplay that we're looking at reference photos along with it. I don't mind what your actual orientation is as long as you're okay playing a dominate male character. I also don't mind playing multiple characters but I normally only stick to female. Supernatural characters and furs are also welcomed.

Multiple Paragraphs preferred. Someone who can reply at least once a day would be nice. Discord preferred also for communication. Characters please be over 27 while actual person playing needs to be over 18, 20 would be better. Scene ideas below can be tweaked and don't have to be used. Sorry for the odd writing with them .Below will be vague descriptions of my characters. Most which have dark backgrounds so from here on out .

Possible Trigger Warning!

Scene Idea #1 : Welcome Home

Welcome home! You've been gone for so long it seems things have changed quite a bit around your old home town. While most of your friends have moved away your best friend's sister is happy you've returned home safely and she's grown quite a bit. What will happen when you see her again ? Will you both fall in love? Will you just stay friends? Will you be leaving again after only being back for a short time? All questions to discuss and answer in hopefully an exciting roleplay.


Scene Idea #2: White Picket Fence Life

Maybe our characters have been friends for a very long time or maybe they've just met. Regardless you take a liking to one of my characters. This is more of a fluff romance where the drama is more realistic. Miscommunications, misunderstandings and maybe things that weren't planned. However your characters beat the odds and move in together only to have a nice life.

Scene Idea #3: Love in an outlawed world : Must be able to play multiple characters.

At the age of 18 you are given a test. This test matches you with two personalities who it views will fit you well in society. Love doesn't exist. These matches/marriages are arranged and there is no fighting it. In this world you are partnered with one of my characters and it can either go two ways. Our characters soon learn to love each other OR there's no hope and our characters fall in love with others. This being against the law there is a lot of drama and sneaking around figuring out how to live with the person you love more than anything without being sentenced to prison.

Scene Idea # 4: Looking for a Guardian Angel

With this roleplay your character can be supernatural or not. Police or just strong characters are welcomed. Your character is protective and takes one of my characters to look after and care for. To teach them to love and trust again. It's a long up hill journey but a rewarding one. This one will use violence and dark themes. And will do best if you're okay playing darker characters for fight scenes.

Characters: Please do not steal ! Character photos will be sent on request.

Roro Xhex
Nickname: Ro
Age:25 (Can be younger or older would just prefer to be younger than your character)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs. (Toned body)
Voice: Soft and sweet most the time.
Personality: Shy and nerdy but very friendly most of the time. She keeps her emotions hidden but can also be a little too trusting.
Blood Type: AB-
Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity: Unknown (Never found out)
Species: Human
Skin tone: Pale
Eye Color: Hazel Green, Mostly an emerald green
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs. (Toned body)
Hair color: Long Chestnut brown hair that reaches to the middle of her back.

Body Modifications: Ears pierced, and on the left shoulder blade a tattoo specifically a Griffin from Alice in Wonderland with " In Wonderland they lie." Written in cursive under it. Secretly hidden unless you look closely different symbols from the book.

Wardrobe: A pair of dark blue jeans that hug her hips and a black tank top that isn't afraid to show cleavage, she also can always be found with a tiger eyes cat necklace pendent that she never takes off.

Ro was raised in what she believed to be a loving family. Never knowing what went on behind closed doors until the age of 6. That was when she started to take beatings from her father, the same as her mother had every night. The beatings were inconsistent and only came to her when her father was particularly drunk. Throughout the tough times though Ro's mother brought her strength. They did almost everything together. She taught Ro how to garden and cook along with making sure the girl got good grades in school. Ro's mother Anita may have stayed with an abusive man but she did the best she could to give her daughter the live she deserved.At the age of 13 the beatings suddenly stopped, grateful for the peace Ro had no idea why. Later in the year when her figure started to show she found that her father didn't want to bruise her beautiful skin. It wasn't long before her father had secret "play times" with her. It started with helping Ro get ready for bed, she needed help picking out a night gown. It was always gowns never pajama sets. Then it transferred to helping Ro overcome a nightmare. She was making to much noise and needed something to quite her. After a year or so passed Ro's father Rob stopped making excuses and took what he pleased. Ro's was convinced that her mother knew and that if she didn't do anything to stop it then no one would. Finally, a couple months after it started, her mother spoke out against the abuse. In return, she was beaten to death. He did it well, making it look like an accident with the help from an old buddy of his that was on the police force. He was not convicted. He wasn't even a suspect at all. Ro told the authorities about the abuse at the age of 14, thinking she was finally strong enough to leave. Child protective services sent her to live with her aunt, which were the happiest days of her life. Ro worked for everything she had, getting a job at 16 to save for college. Worked at a bar at 21 to have a little extra cash and soon graduated from college with a degree in zoology and a minor in cryptozoology. She hears rumors from time to time that her father is out of prison and looking for her. Ro does well to put those thoughts out of her mind. 24 now Ro lives in a small one bedroom apartment on the west coast, across the country from her home town, waiting for lives new adventure.


Mai Blackbourn
Age: 26 (Can be younger or older would just prefer to be younger than your character)
Skin: Pale White
Eyes: Foggy Grey
Hair: Long teal colored hair
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 130 lbs if you must know
Tattoos & Piercings: Mai has her ears pierced and a black feather of Maat tattoo on the back of her neck. She also has a small orange and black Koi on her left wrist.
Clothes: Mai usually sticks to whatever is comfortable. Her style would be described as more gothic than anything.

Mai Blackbourn was born in a large city on the West Coast of the United States. She grew up with a loving family. Her mother worked days at a local middle school teaching art and her father had a job in a nearby office. The family wasn’t considered wealthy but they were comfortable in their small little suburban home. Mai got good grades and was fairly liked throughout the school due to her kind personality. Though as Mai grew she discovered a love for two very different things, Cooking and Mythical Creatures. Once Mai graduated High School she decided to go to Culinary School and take a Minor in Business, this would soon lead to Mai achieving her dream. Things were put on the back burner for a short amount of time when Mai found the love of her life Nate, in a pastry class at her college. They two hit it off immediately and soon made her dream to open a cafe a reality.
Mai opened Cauldron Brews with her husband Nate at the age of 25 in a small rural town at the base of a mountain. The town had a nice flow of tourist and the cafe seemed to be doing well. Mai’s life changed however when her father passed away from a stroke. Helping her mother the best she could and keeping the cafe running, was all she could do to keep going. Soon she started to spend less and less time with Nate and he took another lover behind her back. It wasn’t til Nate got the courage to file for divorce that Mai had even noticed. Deciding it was for the best she granted Nate his divorce but regretted that it came to that.
Mai Blackbourn is now known around the small town as a wonderful woman, who serves good food and tells odd tales. Helping her mother when she can and keeping her dream alive she doesn’t have much time for romance other than cliche novels. Though she secretly wishes her knight in shining armor will come one day to sweep her off her feet. For now Mai doesn’t live with regrets and just gets by day by day with the same routine.

Evey Ravencroft :Please ask if you'd like to know about her. This character is extremely dark and triggering won't post here about her.

Elie Blackwell: Fursona Snow Leopard
Nickname: El
Age: 21-25
Height: 5 feet 4 Inches
Weight: 110lbs
Voice: Gentle and sweet unless angered
Personality: Elie is very sweet and caring, helping out wherever she can. She’s the book worm type usually quiet until she gets to know you. Once she opens up she’s energetic and happy.
Blood Type: AB-
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual Male Preference

Species: Snow Leopard
Fur Color: Light Grey with Dark Grey circles
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Long Silver hair coming down to the middle of her back.
Body Modifications: Three Small Helix Piercing
Wardrobe: Elie usually can be found wearing anything she deems comfy, usually baggy sweaters and jeans. Though she’s known to dress up if the occasion calls for it.

Elie was born to a loving family in a small city on the coast of Washington State. She grew up spending most of her time out in the forest hiking and tracking wildlife when she’s not swimming. Ellie’s family was well off for the most part, she never was without food or shelter and got a part time job in a ranger station giving talks about the wildlife in a nearby national park. This was all until Elie turned seventeen, Elie and her family were on their way home from driving into Seattle where they had Elie’s birthday dinner. On their way home the roads were a bit to icy causing the family’s car to run off the road. When Elie came to she was in the hospital with a broken leg but sadly her parents hadn’t been so lucky. Being sent to live with her aunt in Seattle, Elie received a lump sum of money from her parents will. With Elie only being seventeen the money was given to her aunt to help pay for Elie’s “bills” (clothes, food, school) though none of the money ever reached Elie. Her aunt kicked her out of her home within a month of Elie living there. Claimed she was worthless and a good for nothing person. Being kicked out on the streets Elie soon joined a gang that called themselves The Fangs, she mostly distracted guards and cashiers while the others robbed the place. Soon she became intimate with the leader Ace who was known to be rough at times, after taking a beating one night Elie decided enough was enough and left. Soon moving out of town she found herself working in a small bookstore and making just enough to rent a small one bedroom apartment.

Plots/Kinks can be discussed. Pregnancy is wanted down the line.

Thanks for reading this long ass post I really hope to talk to some of you soon.

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  • Nice and well thought out.
    I am up for the challenge if you like.

    Scenario 4 seems to be a decent fit for my OC's general stance on life.

    Let me know by message how you would like to move forward.

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