Hi there!

I would love to find a long term partner who is over the age of 25. Who is creative, consistent and  willing to let the story grow with the use of side characters.

I'm open to storyline ideas but I am quite bored with things such as neighbours, boss/employee or and story that doest ever move outside of the house etc. I'm open to fantasy that's based in a modern setting, I WOULD LOVE something Harry Potter based which could be at Hogwarts, outside once they graduated etc. I like the idea of creating our own characters that could mix with already created characters. BUT I'm literally open to anything with M or F that has room to grow :)

I like a mix of drama, romance and some darker aspects if you like. I like age gaps, rough sex, spanking, choking, hair pulling, assertive men which still have a soft side, risky sex, breeding, pregnancy, sharing, cheating (usually to create drama), Im pretty open to anything to be honest

No incest or underage.



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