Hello, I'm pretty new here but I've been roleplaying for 10+yrs and trying to get into the groove of things here. I'm looking to start a new adventure with some kind people.  Right now I'm not sure where we roleplay but I'm sure I can get my answers from someone hehe. Anyway, I roleplay action, fantasy, supernatural, romance, and slice of life. I have different other characters besides this one. So if anyone is interested, please hit me up until then take care ^-^

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  • So generally you would RP with one other writer on the site. Forums and discussion threads can be set by their admin to restrict views for privacy if needed.
    Gmail accounts are having a hard time with notices from this site.

    Let me know if you want to write something. I do have other OCs that I can write as if you are not into the fantasy setting I have now.

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