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Character Summary:

Noita is a nomadic witch who has been alive since 4000 BC.

She travels around to learn more and establish societies that encourage spiritual paths and the empowerment of women, while also tearing down organizations that are against her beliefs. 



|| Athens, 478 BC ||

From the home of her sponsor, Barak, on top of the Acropolis, Noita looked longingly out over the spiraling city of Athens from her room's large window. Barak left this morning and had gone out to the assembly to celebrate with the Eupatridae men and soldiers over the official signings which stated that certain Persian cities would no longer be under the rule of Persia. She had been brought from Thessaly, when one of Barak's cousins's spoke highly of Noita's diligence to the worship of Zeus and her respect for one's home. Barak loved guest and he loved foreigners, because they brought along stories. Barak owned some land and slaves, his main business being the trading of wine. He was a high member of the Assembly, and was regarded with respect as a pillar in the community. He showed nothing but kindness to Noita, allowing her to speak her opinion on politics, and only expected that she made sure that slaves and servants kept the home tidy. That's why she almost felt bad for what she was doing. Almost. While he would be partying for the next two days, she would host the first gathering of witches in Athens, in his courtyard. The servants here were loyal to her, as she had won their affection. She did their duties side by side to them, gifting them with money so they could go out to the markets and buy trinkets to their hearts content. Noita worked in the kitchen beside the mothers, keeping an eye on their children, and learning their songs. The servants would not participate with them, but they would turn a blind eye and keep a shut mouth to Noita's hostings.

The witches that would be attending tonight would have received special invitations from Thessally, picked out by priestess of Hekate. The invitations were in code, but anyone who had any inkling of knowledge regarding witchcraft would pick up on the meaning and instructions clearly. The intent of the meeting was to create a society of women who relied on the magic of their patron goddesses and beliefs, most centrally, Hekate, that would sway the opinions of men in order to grant more rights and freedoms within the city of Athens and protect the Greco people everywhere. The invitations were professional but a cry to action to create equality in order to access power and safety in a secure manner. Any women of any background were free to join as long as they would keep everything hush hush. 

The meeting was set up in the courtyard. The guards had been dismissed by Noita, told that they were to rest or go home in order to celebrate the wins of Athens. The courtyard was wide with a fountain in the middle, and a long oak table that reached out to the open gates. Crawling ivy infested the white walls and marble statues that stared down at the table, their arms raised, holding torches with actual candles lit on them, providing light. Plates lined down the table, with olives, grapes and fish on them, and red wine set to the side. A large, stone like bowl with the triple moon carved in it’s side was placed at the very end of the table, towards the fountain, and cradled in it was the corpse of a black lamb, ready to be set a flame once everyone was here, and the meeting started. 

Noita was ready to greet the guests as they came in, wearing a dark purple chiton with her brown hair braided back to frame her face. Slowly, guests started to arrive, wearing all sorts of outfits and all sorts of clothing. She would speak to them a little, then invite them to sit at the table, where they would snack on the fruits and converse amongst themselves under the light of the moon. There were fourteen total so far, Noita included, and Noita waited for the fifteenth to arrive, anxious to meet this last stranger.

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