Hello peeps,


I'm looking for new roleplays /new people to write with. I have over 10 years of experience on different platforms.


-The length of my posts is adjustable. I go from one-liners to 1000 words per post. Let me know what you're comfortable with.

-There are absolutely no limits to my writing. I write about absolutely anything, going from Romance to horror, abuse, overdosing, addictions, abuse, 18+, smut, drama, everything.

-Besides that, I do think drama and romance are the key to a good story. If you're comfortable with 18+ writing that would be awesome too. 

-I do prefer to write female roles, though we can work with multiple characters if that is your thing. I love to build a world, to give characters the chance to develop. To chat, plot, get a feel of the roleplay, the characters, mine, yours.

-I prefer long term roleplay partners, if you're just looking for someone to keep you busy during holiday only to disappear afterwards.

-I prefer communication over discord c: 

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  • Hello im down to do a roleplay I usually do one liners but I can do up to 300 words

    and long term is great for me though I'm not always online

    and discord is perfect


    Jennio80#6557 if I'm not wrong!

  • Username is quite thrilling xD I would be interested in creatin a plot. DM me anytime :)

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