Looking for partners

Hello everyone.

I'm a 20+ female, experienced role player. I've been doing this since I was 12! 

I like to think I'm a good partner - I'm literate, I will happily match my partner's length but generally I'll write at least three paragraphs. When I'm invested in the plot, you can expect mutiple posts a day. I like to plot and come up with ideas, and I ask my partner also be invested. There's nothing worse than when you're carrying the storyline by yourself.

I love adventure and high fantasy with a good healthy amount of romance, smut and danger. 

I have no problems with fandoms or playing as canon characters, though I also love playing originals.

I prefer m/f.

I'll write both genders.

I'm really looking for Dragon Age Origins - if you offer to play this with me, you'll make my day.

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  • hi hi!~i like your shake of the matter missy~ I hope we can chat and RP sometime if you wanna!~ i got hellsa lot of investiture to spare!!~

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  •  Hi, I'd love to Rp with you and to hear which fandoms you like if you're still looking :)

  • DO:A is the best! There were times it felt so limitless!
    I could totally get into this with you if you are still looking.

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