I'm looking for potential plots for my girl, Cheyenne. I'm not new to writing, at all, but I'm new to the site. So, please bear with me just a little.


I tend to do either full or multi-paragraph posts, just because I have a serious love for detail and real reaction. 


Cheyenne is your typical army brat, for the most part, sometimes hard to get along with. But once she gets comfortable with someone, whether it be by working with them or just hanging out with them, she can open up and be one of the most loyal individuals you'll ever meet. She is more suited to a more modern kind of setting, but I can always adjust her ever so slightly to fit what needs to be done.


Thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave me a comment!


Just a note that I forgot to add in earlier:

I am not saying I want only one story at a time with her. I am willing to work with multiple different storylines and multiple different styles with her. But, please, don't be afraid to ask me questions or even look at her profile (even if it is a little barren at the moment. I promise, I'm working on it!) for any info you need.





I'm limiting myself, right now, to five threads at a time. Right now, I have two of those slots filled, so please don't hesitate to jump on that before the other three slots are filled. I do enjoy writing and plotting with people! I did take a brief hiatus, mostly due to muse issues, but I'm back and will answer all PMs or comments left for me! I tend to check things regularly as well.

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  • I would be more than happy to plot with both of you! I've sent friend requests to you both, and I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you, both, for commenting here!

  • My character is a warrior. Once fought as a Spartan and Roman warrior. Maybe could have an interesting story. A warrior slash knight type interacting with a soldier type. 

  • |. I got a Frank Castle if you're interested?

  • Well, in that case, I can probably work with anything thrown at me. Feel free to shoot me a message whenever you're available to!

  • That won't be necessary, I usually throw Unity in by himself with another person's OC most of the time. Bringing him into somebody else's world is pretty easy!

  • I would be glad to write with you! The only tiny issue I have is that I don't know a lot about the Transformers universe. I haven't seen much of the old series, and I never could really get into the movies all that much. But I'm willing to learn!

  • I might be interested! 

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