Howdy all! So I'm making this post late at night so I'll make it quick. Basically, I'm looking for someone to roleplay with, whether it be long-term or short-term. I'm currently in highschool right now inishing up my last year so I don't really have too much time to invest except for either the weekends (except for Friday night and the daytime on Saturday) and holidays, therefore I can only give maybe a few hours out of my day to give. 

Roleplay Characters

If you need somewhat detailed info about my characters, you can always search my profile. But here's a quick list of them both

  • Alice Yeung. Civil Protection Officer, aged 23, stern cop on the outside and a mom on the inside.



  • Johnathan Raymond. World War 1 Soldier, aged 32, a soldier from the first world war getting into misadventures he has no place to be in.


I don't really have a main storyline for the both of them as I like to keep them flexible. Basically, they are all-purpose roleplay characters, something that can be discussed further on if you're interested.



Basically, this is really going to depend on what you are into. I am down for anything and willing to discuss on that topic. That is, of course, except for anything related to nsfw. But to be frank, I am into adventure and fantasy.



I want to apologize for the loosely structured sentences, it's 11 at night and it's time for me to head to bed. I hope to make your aqcuaintance soon enough!

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  • Hi there! Nice to meet you, I read your post and I really like the direction of the whole thing. I’m in college so I operate in the same time that you do. You can also read my profile for more info on my character, but I will give you an intro if you are interested.


    James is a vampire who was turned after WWII, he served in the army before he ‘died’ by falling off a train, captured by HYDRA and used as an assassin for many years. He is dark but also friendly. He is no longer an assassin and works to better himself and do good. But he still has to eat. So...


    I’d like to engage with you if you are interested. You can pm me when you have a chance. 

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