Regarding the fact that I'm new on the site and not so much to roleplaying, I figured I'd send out some feelers for RP Partners.

A few things to consider:

A) My writing style varies depending on the amount of context given in a post. The more I can work with, the more I can write.

B) If there is the potential for the RP to turn romantic, please keep in mind that Haleth is straight.

C) I'm not very experienced at combat RP's but I will put in my best effort.

D) I am available to write every day, with a few exceptions.

E) I will do my best to get to you, but if it's been a day or two and I haven't responded, please feel free to send me a reminder.


Other than that, if any of you are interested, please send me a PM! I work better with the personal messaging system than I do with the Inbox system, but I can make do with it.

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