Hello! Well this is awkward already...Ahem...

So I'm looking for some partners that would like to start a few roleplays with me. I'm a sucker for sappy romances, slice of life and simple things. Maybe some action and drama here or there. But you know Im a laid back sorta guy. 

I Rp with people 18+ and up only. 

Now with my work schedule the way it is, I can try to reply during Friday - Tuesday as Im off on Wednesday and Thursday. Im on the road during my work days so when I stop for the night depending on my mood, tiredness level, and overall day I can try to get a reply out. 

Okay so now that is out of the way. 

If your interested in starting a rp with Lucas Davenport here I can give a few details about him. Such as he is a fire fighter, A good hearted but flirty guy. He is out to fullfill his goals in life such as trying to get to know more about his father, rise through the ranks of Station 12. But mostly settle down, move out of his apartment, marry, and maybe start a family. 

If your interested drop me a pm and we could plot plan 

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