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I'd like to kickstart this character again with some new threads. I'm open to all types of ideas, and can take up to 4 new ones at this moment in time. Serene's power set can allow for all kinds of interesting adventures involving time travel, and I am happy to play him as a villain to interrupt your character or cause them grief if you'd prefer that.

I largely prefer paragraph/novella style but don't mind smaller banter on the side.

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  • While its been some time since this post was up, I thought I would offer up something. Penelope is certainly a character that may be pulled along for an odd adventure. She spends the majority of her life working in a used bookstore, and eating junk food (when not releasing souls to the afterlife).

  • I be up for some play. Want to explore some new threads for this character as well and time travel or manipulation has played a part in this character's story.
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