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Looking for a few threads for my character. One in particular of her gaining gainful employment. I like to think of her as serving someone in a manner a person who sold their soul to the devil, would have a demon bodyguard slash assistant, to help them with their day to day. Like the demon that was helping the final bad guy, Malcun Dryfus, in Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the tv show. 

I like for her to be someone’s Girl Friday, demonic assistant, glorified secretary, makeshift bodyguard, driver, Maybe something like a demonic butler or maid. But basically, she would serve as someone’s personal demon.  This fits bets with human characters or any one that is not demon themselves. Since a demon nobility like herself, does not like working for other demons she would deem peasants or inferior, and demons tend to not get along with one another. 


Aside from her being contracted to work for someone. I am open to casual threads as well. 

When not working for someone. She works as a PR agent and spy for the CIA. So we can do storylines around that as well. 

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