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Hello! This is my request thread; I like to write stories. I want to write stories about true love, forgiveness, combat, adventure, weapons, and other things like this. I write about real life issues and how to truly overcome them, even though they are written in a fantasy story. At times my writing involves deep subjects, and other times, simple and light-hearted things.

Settings/ interests

  • Medieval times/ olden days
  • Present times
  • Academy (ex: martial arts/ weapon training/ magic school/ etc...)
  • Farming
  • Adventure
  • Sea exploration
  • Romance
  • Military
  • Combat
  • Battle of love and hate
  • Brotherhood if writing with a male partner

My Character

  • Dominant/ Leader
  • Is a man
  • Non emotional
  • Firm
  • Rational
  • Kind
  • Fair
  • Funny, even sometimes when my characters don't mean to be
  • Fun: My characters like to have fun
  • Can look or seem mean; but my main character never has anger or hatred but my enemy antagonist characters do.

Post length

- I'd like it if you wrote at least a paragraph; more or less depending on the situation. I really like long replies from you (4 or 5 paragraphs or more) and I will most likely match it depending on interactions.

Post rate

- I will try and respond daily depending on work. I can write many times a day if I'm off, or if I get another reply before I go to bed.

Smut or erotic scenes

- I don't mind laying besides one another, or YC laying on MC lap, or dressing, or embracing and other romantic stuff like this. But I don't write sex stuff. I don't mind being tempted, so write whatever you wish MC will deal with it in the story; do not worry I never get offended or upset. This section concerns female writers and romance, if you're a male writer, there obviously would be nothing like this between our characters as I am not a homosexual; however I have no problems writing with you if you are homosexual.

Pre story

- I'd like to talk through about the story first with you; to discuss the starting setting our character names and looks. Other then that, I don't want to plan too far ahead so that the story can unfold on its own.

Looking for

  • 18 years or older female writer and character for romance.
  • 18 years old or older male writer and character for a non romance, brotherhood roleplay.

If you're interested in starting an amazin' role-playing story, send me a message and add me so that we can set up a story and get writing!

I wish you well,


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  •  Hello Ink!

    The answer to both of you questions is yes; I've sent you a friend request so that we can create a starting plot if you want. We can discuss the roleplay in direct messages.

  • Hello. I have some questions about your idea.

    1: Is this a fantasy story like, with magic, mythical creatures and such? I would really love it if it was.
    2: Can i create a character that i want? With a nice background for to be explored in the story?

    Let's talk about it!

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