Just a bored college student with a mean inferiority complex.

- Multiple-paragraph to novella, typically 400 to 800 word counts; intermittently 1000.

- Third person, past-tense POV.

- Multiple Characters.

- Characters made to the Rp (some are will be premade as well).

- Roleplay that contains Erotica and smut only; 18+ a must.

- Private message only.

- Overtly detail oriented and darkly inclined writing.

- Dark, realistic, and distorted love type stories.

- Diverse in race, sexually interests, and morals type of characters.

- I am a slow replier. I have a job, random life responsibilities, and college to attend to. 

I am looking for a writing partner who is similar.

- Be able to - mostly - provide 400+ word responses.

- Be 18+ (I am 24 myself and prefer some atleast 20)

- Patince is a must, be prepared to wait for a response (up to three weeks); though it will be a vast and passionate response if I make you wait. 

- A lover in dark romances and dastardly worlds.

- Ready to delve deep into erotic scenarios.

- Can maintain a realistic character and world mindset even in the most imaginary worlds.

I have a few ideas for some stories

Fallout Inspired (long term)

A vault thought to be lost in time sees its doors opening centuries after the bombs falling. The generation of vault dwellers, made up of mankinds alleged best genetics and brightest minds, find themselves amdist a gang war; between the raider families that now run what is left of New (Old) York. Unfortunate to them, it is one of the cruelest yet sophisticated of them, and the raiders plan to use the dwellers to their fullest potential; some dwellers moreso than others.

Boy Next Door Inspired (short to long term)

A Florida woman cannot seem to catch a break with the low-bar dating scene that Maimi incessantly provides. After another bad date she finds herself in her usually haunt with her good friend; her very welcoming apartment floor neighbor, who also happens to be a dangerous drug dealer. 

Supernatual Modern Fantasy Inspired (Long term)

A young woman left battered,  abused, and homeless by her father once again find herself stalking the party filled streets of Mardi Gras. Being among the hedonsism party scene is nothing she is new to, and she makes her money the only she can under the circumstances. Though this girl is haunted by more than by her past and is something of a powerful clairvoyant who can deeply read people. On her night out she meets someone who she cannot read and is just as interested in her.

Dystopian Cyberpunk Inspired (long term)

The Block is a make shift city to 'house' and 'reform' the undesirables of the megaloplis of the new world; tpyically, it can be anyone simply without out enough Life and Work Credits(tm) to function in the higher cities, or the worst criminal offenders (Cyber and physical world). One woman of a aggressive nature, born and raised in the block, yearns and plans for escape (or atleast do enough damage to destroy the Block).

These ideas have more to them than meets the eye and are open to revisions.

I love many types of worlds alone or homogenized

Action: Scenes that depict violence and fighting, dangerous weapons and grand stunts.

Adventure: Long journeys of epic portions (ones own personal one or literal physical one), with obstacles to match.

Apocalypse: Pre, current, post, or post-post apocalypse; from zombies, natural disasters, nuclear wars, disease, et cetera.

Character focus/driven: Characters used as the focal point and growth of the story. Their emtional, mental, and life develpoment a strong focus of the story, and a study of their morals; characters can be good, bad, morally grey and grew further into their alignment or past into another one.

Dark: A focus on the sinister side of human (or other species) nature and how cruel (and real) the world can be. 

Drama: One for the deep emotions, drawn and built through time; manifested through various tragedies, unpredictable life circumstances, or romances.

Erotica and Smut: Stories with an erotic and sexual nature.

Fantasy: High, low, and everything inbetween; anything from mystical fables to twisted fairytales. I prefer fantasy to maintain a darkness to it.

Horror: Anything that illicits fear or feelings of unease. Blood and gore for body. Psychological for the discomfort and worry for the mind. Paranormal to explore the fearsome unknown.

Dark Romance: a central love or obessesion focus between two or more characters; an emphasis on romantic like interest, growth, and activities.

Realism: A sense of realism in any realm or fantasy world; a focus on real character feelings 

Sci-fi: Futuristic concepts and timelines, particularly cyberpunk likes types or alternate history timelines (similar to the Fallout series and Afro Samurai series). Intense interest in high-techonolgy and low-life qualities.

Thriller: A heart race that holds your attention with suspense or fascination.

Many more to come

Some worlds I do not like


Comedy focus

Smut focused


Characters coming to a theatre near you




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