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It's not my first redo, roleplaying that is, but it has been some time since I've done it so my skills are a bit... rusty, which is why I'm looking for others to write with, to get things moving.

Life gets in the way, I'll say that now. I have things to do and emotions that sometimes get in the way, so apologize in advance if my responses become late or somewhat short and by short I mean 1-2 paragraphs, I normally try to do 2-5.

Now,  on to what I'm looking for I suppose 

  • Minimum 1 paragraph for responses 
  • Para, Multi-Para writing 
  • Nothing terribly sexual, Frank is just... Frank after all. He's not sure what he wants and neither do I if truth be told.
    • However, something romantic could happen, but I'd like for that to be talked about in the future 
  • Genre wise I'm not sure either, modern for sure, but nothing terribly gory or action packed or violent. 
  • Comments and threads only

That's... about it really. So check out the profile, it's open for everyone to look at, leave a comment here if you're interested and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • beep and a boop, still looking~

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