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Bucky Barnes here wondering if there are any active or upcoming Marvel role players, what with End Game coming up and Far From Home amongst other things. Looking for my Steve and Natasha.

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  • I would also be game for a DC / Marvel crossover.  There are already two characters in marvel with a similiar powerset to my character. So shouldn’t be too hard to bring the two worlds together.  

  • I can place Ava in an Marvel setting if you'd like to plot?

  • I'd love to do an DC - Marvel crossover if your interested!

  • Val can also be used in a Marvel setting if you're still looking.

  • Raemi can be used in a Marvel setting. Especially since she’s an alien of sorts xD Add me I’d you’d wanna write!

  • I got Gambit/ Remy LeBeau over here if ya want the annoying Cajun.

  • I have been seeking some Marvel rp.  Count me in!

  • I'm new here, I'd like to rp?

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