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Morbid Curiosity...

Deep down everyone feels that small tug.  For most that tug is just a minor inkling with their better senses making it no more than such... for some that tug is just enough to catch a full interest.  Morbid to me means more than just a possible fascination in death or things leading up to one's final moments.  Morbid contains the 'how's' an the after affects... all of the feelings drawn from the possibility of death.  The heart-wrenching saddness, the absolute terror, the repulsion or the possible shear glee it can bring... Morbid is strong feeling.   In stories (RPs) I hope for more 'morbid' themes for this reason.  A plot that pulls you as an RPer so much so that when the circumstances puts your character in questionably unethical situations you feel it.


Looking for like minded people... 

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