My Lil Weird Intro. ^^

Hello! I am sort of new to this site. I had an account way back but somehow got logged out and forgot my account password. (As one does being away for so long) I am now back and want to practice my writing again. Get back into creating stories with other like minded writers and fellow roleplayers. :) I’ve been Roleplaying for a long time. I started writing at a young age and roleplaying in middle school and I am now 19. So I’d say that’s experienced enough. 

Things I’m usually good at roleplaying are anything Romance related. Slice of Life, fantasy, anything angsty and even short and cute stuff. Fluff so to speak. I enjoy creating stories between two characters finding love, discovering it, building on it and so on. I even like a fair share of added drama so if that’s your thing. Talk to meh! ^^ 

I am also a big fan of Fantasy so I love that as well but usually it takes me getting into a certain mood and headspace to write anything fantasy related and takes a lot of me wanting to go over figuring out an interesting plot in order to keep myself engaged. I also haft to add some sort of romance into that because…I am a stupid me. However, if you have anything interesting don’t be afraid to hit me up and see if we could work together on a roleplay fantasy related to! 

I'm also down to make friends here on this site! I enjoy meeting new people and speaking about random things. ^^ So feel free to start a conversation as well if you’d like. 

Other things I forgot to  mention are pairings I usually do. I solely do MxF, with me being female. I am open to FxF to try and open my horizons and take a different path with pairings for my writing. :) Also I am 19 so anyone I am roleplaying with I’d prefer to be my age or older! Because of maybe certain content that could be added depending on what we’re both comfortable with. 

Alright, I think that covers it! Feel free to follow me, message me about a roleplay or wanting to do one or simply start a conversation. I try staying on here as much as I can and checking back in the morning when I wake so I’ll respond if I see ya!

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