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I'm back at it again with new characters, since my muse has struck, and I'm excited to introduce them to Wrealms. I'm looking for threads for them (information below), I'm flexible with plots and settings, or I could wing it. Just let me know, and maybe we could start a thread.

Happy Writing~

- The Muses


- Kiet Thailah -


1/2 Singh || 1/2 Naga

1/2 Thai || 1/2 Dutch

Fierce and Ambitious

Kiet is a very proud, commanding woman hailing from Southeast Asia. Her mother was turned into a Singh, a mythological lion creature from Thai mythology, her father was a rogue Naga, an Asian dragon shifter which were supposed to guard Buddhism. She is now a Pirate Queen, and captian on Ta Khxng Pisac (translation: The Devils Eye), the most feared pirates in the Southern Sea. Kiet is also a single mother to Loki's son, an accident from a voyage to the cold Nordic Sea.



- Cahil Kaan -


1/2 God || 1/2 Witch of Centuries


Naive and Courageous

Cahil is the son of Ak Ana, also called the White Mother, the Turkish goddess of creation and the sea. She is also the goddess of time. As a child, he was possessed by the wicked soul of his grandfather, the Black King, also known as Kaira Kaan. He now lives in the Black Sea, where he never leaves much more than a few miles off of the coast. Not knowing who his real parents are, he believes the Black Sea is his mother. The Black Sea is also the fabled Sea of Time from Turkish mythology, due to this, Cahil often finds himself in different eras of different timelines. He is an absolute sweetheart, and is quite fond of travellers who visit his home.




- Donnie Eamonn -


1/2 Enfield || 1/2 Human

1/2 Welsh || 1/2 Irish

Stoic and Loyal

Donncha is far from anything one would sea in our modern day. He was born during the Dark Ages in Ireland, but left to become like his father- a knight, a High Knight and then one day Royal Guard. His father was an Enfield, a species of f0x-like beast that protected the Anglo-Saxon royals. As he grew older, he became one of the best cavalrymen in King Arthur's court and was made the guardian of the King's granddaughter, Saoirse (written bymy fellow writer, Mouse/Sketchy). Interested how he got here? Inquire within.

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