Hey everyone! I'm new here and have no idea what I'm doing, but...I'm May, I'm a grown-up, she/her pronouns, and I've done online text RP on and off since I was 10 or 11. But I'm currently in the midst of a years-long dry spell, because I couldn't find any decent place to do it anymore, and I kind of thought it had gone out of fashion (until I stumbled upon this site).

I'd love to start an RP with someone (or multiple someones), and/or do other kinds of co-writing, but I have no idea what medium to use (I grew up in the days of AIM and Proboards forums) or how to get started. I'm open to teenage or adult characters, fantasy or realistic or historical (depending on when and where--I'm a sucker for 19th-century New York) or mystery or adventure, or some combination of these. Totally open to romance, but only of the fade-to-black variety, and I wouldn't want it to take over the whole plot. Other than No Smut (because it's boring!), I'm comfortable with most types of content. Can be fandom-based but definitely doesn't have to be. (I'm fairly well-versed in D&D lore, and I know far too much about the 1992 Disney musical "Newsies," if either of those things helps...at all...)

I'd prefer to play with folks who are fairly serious about decent writing (but it doesn't have to be, like, Shakespearean), dynamic character development, and generally moving the plot forward in fun and creative ways. Complex/difficult characters, rocky relationships, and bold/unexpected twists are the spice of life. (And heists. Who doesn't love a good heist?)

And, uh...that's about it, I guess. What now!?

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  • Welcome to the site! So happy you found us :) the easiest way to get started is usually just to send someone a friend request or pop into their comment section and say hi. Most people here comment back and forth on each other's profiles, but there's also an inbox (and a live chat) groups too if you're interested in those!

    I spend a lot of my time on here just reading profiles to be honest xD such interesting characters!

  • Hello hello!

    My threads are full, but I wanted to say if you need help with anything site-dynamic wise  just let me know. New formats can always be a bit weird to start off in, I get that feeling. I'm down to help with customizing for if you want a wallpaper on your page also 8D

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