⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ Mich here looking for a roleplay partner willing to interact with a sweet little merman :')

Partner requirements—

  • At least be 17+ years old, but I would prefer it if you were 20+ years old.
  • Quality of Quantity  I can write an essay casually as a response, but don't be intimidated! I only care about you writing enough to progress the story. Don't give me a nothing burger, but also don't give me a cake that barely has any cake that has a stupid amount of frosting to make it look bigger.
  • This is not the main focus, but if any smutty business is going to be involved, your character must be over 18. You also have to be over 18, don't get me in trouble here— PLease, Kael is 23 years old 😭
  • Do acknowledge that I'm in a pretty intense art school that can take up my free time at any given moment. It is my #1 priority so I might not be able to respond to our RP for a while. Of course I will let you know when that time comes. I promise to at least respond to our RP once a day. btw, I myself do not mind how long you take to respond. Days? Weeks? Heck, even months. Don't mind as long as you tell me why you're not available. Shit, I even accept lack of motivation as an excuse. Been there, with me, know that response times will always be lax. I will try to at least chat with you during finals period. I can also distract you with Kael doodles lol

Roleplay Concept—

  • This is a character driven story, at least on my side. Literally all I have to offer is Kael as a character lol. Even things that seem like it's a plot coming from my side, it all still leads back to Kael's character. Like him having a shit immune system because he lived all his life in the ocean and the implications that he's the last of his kind. Your character will be the first person he interacts with when comes to the surface. He'll learn the world through what you have to offer. It'll be up to you to make things happen. All Kael will be able to do is react.
  • This story will have philosophical and existentialist themes. What it means to be human will be explored. While most of the time I'll be writing about fish out of water shenanigans, Kael is capable is getting existential.
  • If romance is going to be involved, do note that Kael is heterosexual. He only likes women :')

End Note—

  • I think that's all I want to mention so far. Feel free to message me however that works on here. I'm not too sure how this website works quiet yet, but I'll get to you as soon as possible! Thank you for reading.

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