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Hi guys, I ended up making a psionically active character for an overarching storyline I have running with someone that involves a lot of characters. I ended up liking him so much that he's someone I'm going to keep rather than off in that thread, and now he's got a profile!

Liam is brand-new and a work in progress. I'm looking for people to write with that will help me build him up! I'm fine with banter, and one-paragraph replies that are dialogue heavy, as I need to get a feel for his personality. I'm also fine with multi-para, which would be best for big threads at his point. Right now, until I know him better, I'm not ready for novella/anything over a word document page at the maximum.


Liam's Russian, in his late forties, and dealing with intense guilt stemming from his abilities and some incidents in his past. He's currently not tied to any specific location, though his home city was St. Petersburg. I speak Russian proficiently and have a firm grip on the history and culture. If I don't, we have a bigger problem, and I shouldn't be halfway through this MA degree.

I'm open to exploring just about anything, including romance, if it comes up naturally in a thread.

Send me an invite or a message if you are interested!

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