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First off, I wanna say Happy New Year's to you all you lovely writers out there! I hope you all enjoyed your New Year's and you all also stayed safe out there during New Year's!

Now, as the title says, with the New Year comes new threads so yes I am looking for a couple of new threads if anyone is interested. I'm fully aware that not a lot of people roleplay with realistic dog roleplayers because there's really no dialouge between a human and animal but I do try to make up for that in that department.

If you're willing to give it a shot then awesome, if it doesn't work out for you then I understand, at least you tried right?

Again, Happy New Year's to you all and take care!

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  • Oh hi! Yes, I'm very interested in writing with you, you're more then welcome to add me :)

  • I don't mind starting a thread if you are interested. :D I have a few different characters so I can add you if you want.

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