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Hey guys so I've decided to make the move back here after a long and painful debate with myself whether I should or not. The nuking and drama on Facebook was too much so I decided to come back here and possibly convert to tumblr with my favorite person ever. So I am familiar with this place and not new to writing so here's a bit about the account 


It's a multi muse (multiple characters on one account for those of you who don't know), I don't want any drama on this account so if that's what you'relooking for don't bring it here unless it's all strictly in character. I do not do shipping because it's not something I'm into though I do, do smut however I prefer yoube over 18 if it comes to that. My bios and stuff will be added tomorrow hopefully so keep an eye out for that. The fandom will mostly consist of 


- The Walking Dead


- Fear The Walking Dead


- Sons Of Anarchy


I am super open to OC's and AU's for those of you willing to plot them out with me. I will be late with replies as i have a lot going on OOC but I really look forward to writing with all of you soon. Thanks!


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