I am basically making this post to introduce myself. I am known as Sassy and I'm just here to write while making some new friends. My old friend named Sargoth has inspired me to write again but on this platform. My background consists of 10 years of role playing. I will admit that it's been on and off due to real life. I do have a grasp at T1 (if I recall my fighting system correctly but watch, I'm falling on my face right now because I know someone's out there to correct and I encourage that) fighting. I have moved on from my old site to look for new people to write with and to actually grow as a writer. Where I came from, I felt stagnet as in I wasn't improving. I'm hoping by moving to a new platform that I can improve. I get bored easily of one-liners so I need something to stimulate me when it comes to writing.  I am not looking for smut. If there are minors here, I will not mind helping out with writing and criticising (contructive criticism is what I'm trying to say here) you to get better. I just don't want to role play with minors. I will help judge on attacks if you're willing to learn what I know. I am putting this in discussion so that I can be clearer than my aggressive post in the profile. 

I am here to write, to improve, and to make better memories for the next 10 years to come. Thank you for reading and I hope to be making friends, and new writing buddies. Thank you once more to Sargoth who brough me onto this site. Big old hugs to him! <3

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