Hello Everyone! Currently I am in search to fill in my last slot I have available. Scarlett is human but has the ability to teleport as well, and she doesnt age any longer sense a freak accident occurred during one of her teleportations. Scarlett is currently on the run from a male whom wants her for testing etc. If you think you would be interested send me a friend requet and PM me privately so we can continue talking and see if our characters are a good fit for one another! Would prefer 18-21+ in age only because there could be a chance of sexual content, romance, action, gore, death, drugs, alcohol etc.  There is no boundaries when it comes to me being I'm pretty much down for anything idea related, other then killing off my character of course isn't allowed. Multi-Para or longer prefered if possible with lot's of detail I can work with in making sending back a reply for myself not so difficult, or I will get bored and possibly drop our thread.. So just a warning when writing with me. Anywho again PM me if interested, would really like to fill in this last slot thats available Thread Five!!

- Writer Of Scarlett Foster

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