|| So for the past few days,I've been getting requests for my friendship and when I
follow through with them,I get deleted. I am giving other people a chance and I don't want to read
about how they got burned for role playing in the past,I'm typically kinder than my character and I don't
feel it's at all fair to keep getting deleted when I haven't done anything. I find it beyond rude,it's like it's creating
drama that never existed in the first place.

This is not high school,nor is it the cancer that is Facebook. I actually love being here and when I see
that happening to me,it's making me question why I bother with role playing in the first place. I actually have
way too much going on offline and I'm trying to be here in character to show fellow writers that no one has been
forgotten and or ignored. If I have done something wrong,you can talk to me or tell me,so that I know my weaknesses
and where I need to change to become a better person and a better character.

Also understand the way Negan is.
I write him from the comics as well as the series and he is not for the faint of heart.
He's not a good man,he has his moments but he's genuinely a prick.If that is too much for you and
your character then there's no hard feelings. But I'm getting really tired of being added and deleted for no
reason whatsoever. We're all adults here. I'm open to plotting and writing and Heaven-forbid the replies I still 
owe,but these past couple of weeks ooc have been disastrous for me and I'm trying to take it easy.
I don't feel any better when I'm seeing a pattern,here. If you don't like myself or Negan,then
don't bother adding me,it's no skin off my nose.

Until then,I'm curious if I wrote a starter with a backstory drop publicly, if any role players would be interested 
in keeping it going as an open thread? I'm open minded about ooc's or other characters.
Expect asshole banter,brazen tactics and crude flirting.

~Admin of Negan.

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