• I am a 21 year old male who can and will play any gender with any set of genitalia.
  • I also play against any gender with any set of genitalia.
  • I can play multiple characters or singular characters easily.
  • The themes and scenarios I enjoy playing are endless.
  • I’m extremely open minded and open to hear out most plots or kinks you’d like to try.
  • I can be a submissive, dominate, power sub, soft bottom and quite literally anything else you can think of.
  • I’ve been roleplaying for over half my life span.
  • I am literate enough though not perfect.
  • I can write anything from singular paragraphs to multi paragraphs and if for whatever reason I am really feeling it, I can do novella length replies.
  • Most, if not all my plots will include smut of some sort. Depending on the plot it will either be heavy or simply a side thing but either way, there must be some kind of a plot.
  • Strictly 18+
  • I am ghost friendly.

Astor Sage

If you are curious about my OC and would like to do a roleplay centered with him, please check out my profile to learn more about him and from there we can discuss a possible scenario for both our characters to interact. If not, I have plenty of ideas and scenarios to play with.



NOTE: These are merely a few ideas to get our juices flowing so to speak- I’m very open to playing any of these though I am just as open to creating something new and original from scratch. I also need to mention I don’t mind who I play in any of these scenarios, nor do I care about the genders involved unless specifically stated.


|My Neighbour Scares Me|
“At first, they were really nice. Moving into a new apartment building is always scary but they made me feel safe and welcomed. I didn’t question things too much when my clothes started going missing. I didn’t worry too much when I woke up to strange sounds in the middle of the night or strange tastes in my mouth. I was perfectly okay, even when I realised my lock didn’t quite work as intended. But, lately, my other neighbours have been going missing. Anyone I seem to talk to disappears and these strange occurrences and more continue to happen. I’m beginning to feel isolated and the only person who is a constant right now is the person who lives right across from me. That safe and welcomed feeling they made me feel has worn off and I’m starting to believe they may be more involved with whatever is happening than I originally thought. I’m getting really scared now.”


|They’re Just Helping|
“I’m starting to really like it here at Meadow Institution. A hospital for the mentally ill and disturbed. I couldn’t believe that I would but it turns out one of the doctors is really nice. Especially to me! Apparently, my family has been lying about how disgusting and horrible my disturbing urges to kill and dismember are. My doctor tells me not only are they natural, but they should be encouraged. They’re even encouraging me to take these urges out on my fellow patients and the lovely nurses. I was so worried about how I’d be judged and instead I’ve never felt so loved and excepted. I may have even developed a little crush but… They’re just trying to help me, right? This is the help I need… Right?”


|I See You, Not|
“I’ve been blind for about half my life now. It’s not always easy but I’ve gotten by and adjusted well considering. I’m honestly not sure if I would have been able to do it without a certain loving family member of mine. Lately though, I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid or if it’s all in my head but something about them has been… Off. Just little things, really. Their voice sounds slightly different and I’m sure they’ve been awfully more hands on than usual. Sometimes, I think I hear quiet breathing in my room at night but when I call out I never get a response. I’m sure it’s nothing but still… Sometimes I wonder what I’m not seeing.”


|I’m Dead|
“So, I’m pretty sure I’m dead… No, I’m sure I’m dead. I’m a zombie. I only have a few fuzzy memories as to what exactly happened but I can just remember the night I was murdered and after slipping into an inky soft darkness, I woke up in my unearthed grave. The only problem is, I don’t know who murdered me or why. I can’t exactly go home to my family before I figure out exactly what’s happened to me either. Thankfully, I can always rely on my trusted friend to keep me fed and hidden while we try to find out once and for all who slaughtered me that dark and rainy night. There is one other issue, though. I’m not quite the same as I used to be. I’m hungrier. My cravings have been getting out of control lately and I’m scared as to what will happen if I loose that control.”


|An Endless Hotel|
“Here’s the deal. Me, along with a few other people I don’t know, have all woken up in a creepy abandoned hotel. The exits are all painted on, the windows wont break, the hallways repeat and there is seemingly no escape to be had. None of us remember how we got here but either way, all we want to do is leave. If there’s one thing to be thankful for, it’s that the kitchen seems to somehow refill with fresh food every morning and at the very least the beds are comfortable. Still, the longer we stay here the more nervous I get that no one is going to find us. People are beginning to go stir crazy and I’m fearing we’re on the verge of some kind of breakdown. I also just have the most horrid feeling we aren’t alone.”



NOTE: Although I do expect there to be smut of some kind in the previous plots, the following plots are more simple in design with a much more smut heavy angle. Same notes from general plots apply.


|Caught with my Mouth Full|
“I’ve always been fairly horny. It’s honestly a curse and one I have a hard time controlling. I don’t have a girlfriend, boyfriend or partner of any sorts to help me with this issue which makes it about a hundred times more dreadful of a thing to deal with. Thankfully, I’ve been able to adapt and I have one way of satisfying myself whenever I get the chance to be home alone. I’m always careful to keep my doors locked so I never thought the day would come when I was busted. This day did eventually come however and I have no idea what to do. After all, how does one try to explain why they're laying naked in bed, sucking off their own cock like a maniac?”


|Robotic Malfunction|
“The greatest minds have been able to achieve amazing things. I’ve always like to think of myself as one of those great minds, so from my very own bedroom, I set out to create the most realistic looking robot I could. Months of designing, coding and building later, I actually achieved the goal I set out to complete. The only issue is, my robot has turned against me and wont listen to a thing I say. Worse than that, all they want to do is fuck.”


|Mind Control is Awesome|
“If you could have any power, what would it be? I’ve always known my answer. I’ve always wanted to be able to control other peoples mind. Can you imagine how fun that would be? Think of all the pranks you could pull? You could get away with… Well, anything! Of course, this is all just dreaming. Right? Mind control? It’s not real… I used to think that too but one day, I woke up with that very power. I don’t know if god just loves me or what but with this power I’m able to do everything I’ve always dreamed of doing and more! Who could blame me for abusing said power, just a little?”


|Camping Delight|
“Who knew camping with a family member could get so out of control. It started out like any other of our trips. We fished, ate marshmallows, told scary stories, drank… Okay, maybe we drank a little more than we should of but that was their idea, not mine. Anyway, I just walked in on them masturbating to porn in a tent we’re supposed to share. And, instead of stopping, they suggested that we shouldn’t be ashamed and that I should watch with them. I think we were both too drunk too realise how messed up that was but as I accepted the offer, I had no idea that the night and following few days would only prove to get much worse. How will we ever recover? I guess what happens when camping, stays at camp.”


|Seven Days|
“I shouldn’t have watched that damn old porno video tape but I was just so curious I couldn’t resist. Well, I really did end up regretting it because after watching the strange video, I got a phone call saying ‘Seven Days’. You know, just like from that terrifying ass Ring movie. I couldn’t deny it’s similarities so I counted down those seven days with baited breath and when the clock turned midnight on the seventh day, my television turned to white snow and something I could only describe as a grudge woman began to crawl out of the screen. Thankfully, she didn’t end up murdering me like I thought but my night did turn out to be one scary, horny few hours.”


|Sleep Walking|
“So, someone in my family has been taking new pills to help them sleep at night. These pills have been giving them some serious side effect though and it’s fairly troubling. Each night, they’ve been sleepwalking around the place and just a few nights ago, I woke up to them trying to fuck me in my sleep. I tried talking to some people about it but they all said, no matter what, I couldn’t wake them up. They’ve been trying to do it again and again each night and I’m starting to lose the battle more and more each time.”


“It was just meant to be a little experiment. I’d always wondered if hypnotism was real and who better to try it on than a member of my own family? Well, to my surprise, it worked. At least, I had a feeling, but there was always the chance they could be faking. I had to be sure- So, what if I made them do something they’d never do in a million years? Of course, I don’t really want it to happen, but if I want to know if they’re faking it, I have to give it a go!”



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